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I am passionate about combining my visual and coding skills
to create something quiet beautiful and most of all bring your idea(s) to life.


    Designing your website using the latest trends and technologies to ensure it's not only visually pleasing but highly intuitive and work well on mobiles, tablets and PC’s.


    Developing websites and Content Managements Systems(CMS) using the best frameworks available for usability and highly intuitive.


    Managing and hosting your websites on blistering fast web servers. Vastly experiencing with CPanel and Web Host Manager.


    Building online stores with WordPress, Woocommerce and Laravel, the software and framework which are used and trusted by the world's leading brands

  • SEO

    Boosting your websites search engine rankings with the latest trend to stand out from the crowd.


    Unyime provides advice to leading businesses on how to market their products, boost online sells and stay on top of their competitors online.


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I am a freelance Web Designer and Web Developer based in Leeds and graduated at the Leeds Beckett University with a BSc in Computing. I can create bespoke and functional websites using current web based technologies. I am a specialist in both Front End and Back End Development and Content Management Systems.
I can improve and troubleshoot your existing website. As well as coding I also enjoy reading, traveling and playing chess and golf

My goal is to make your website as beautiful, enjoyable and maintainable as possible.

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I've worked on various projects including university projects, start up business projects & applications.
Find below a collection of projects I am proud of!

For my latest projects, please visit my facebook page www.facebook.com/uydweb

just scan website image

Just Scan

Laravel Framework

web site

Just scan is a project I am currently doing as my final year project. It is a web application in which customers can order in a restaurant using their mobile device.

This project is a working in progress. The technology driving this application is Laravel PHP MVC framework and other several PHP and Laravel libraries. One of the issues I have encountered while building this application was creating a QR Code library which works on a web application and to resolved this, I created the user interface as a mobile app instead using Cordova and a few Cordova plugging available to speed up the development process.

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bright ideas website image

Bright Ideas

Kohana Framework

web site

Using kohana framework, I worked in a team of other developers and designers at Leeds Beckett University. We created this beautiful responsive website, which will enable anyone with the right authorisation to share their bright ideas with others members. The idea should be about anything such as improvement of infrastructure of the university or just general ideas.

Kohana is configure to work with Oracle 10g database has it is the database engine behind this website. It needed quiet a lot of functionalities implemented and only a short amount of time for this project to finish, so we used dynamic sql to save time and also gave us the flexibility to improve the high priority features.

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Armando Linde image

Elect Armando Linde


web site

This website was designed for a client based in Florida in relation to this campaign for longboat key Commissioner At-large in Florida. He needed a simple site which he can get his point across to his voter/Absentee and also to kick start his campaign in getting up to date events to his voters.

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skill matrix apex image

Skill Matrix

Oracle Apex

Skill Matrix is one of the Leeds Beckett University apex applications which enable their developers and team manager to put down all their skills making it easy to allocate developers to the right projects as well as creating the prefect team for any projects which the department might do.

I had to create a PL/SQL procedure which executes when a button is clicked. The purpose of this is to print out all the developers skills into a spreadsheet format making it easier for the users to know the developers skill language in certain areas, whether they need training to improve any skills and if a developer shows any interests in other areas, they might train them.

cat project website image

Cat project

Oracle Apex

Cat project is a Leeds Beckett University oracle database system which enables lecturers to write reviews in a special Microsoft words format and then upload it to a database. Before the information is saved it is decoded and allocated to the right columns then stored in a schema (1). The information can then be reviewed in apex to make sure that it contains the right data before it is then transfer to a different schema (2).

Schema 1 is flexible and doesn’t have much validation as schema 2. This means that some data type in schema 1 might not be the same as schema 2, this is one of the main reasons why this information is checked before getting transfer to schema 2.

My role was to add a JQuery inline validation which runs every time a field is clicked and unclicked. JQuery validation process then calls a procedure which checks schema 2 database table column data type based on the apex field name to make sure that the data will fix that columns and if not, the reviewer will get an error message display informing them the right amount of characters which that column can take.

data capture image

Timetabling Data Capture system

Kohana Framework

web site

Data capture is one of Leeds Beckett University systems which enable the allocating of rooms to events, lectures as well as giving department staffs access to various systems which are linked to this system.

This was an existing systems and needed quite a few changes and functionalities added to it. The client requirement was to make it easier to add rooms and staffs to the records as well as delete rooms and staffs, sort rooms in other of room describing as well as change staff access levels. I had to make minor changes to the database table to make it easier to make the client requirements.

aperture car hire website image

Aperture Car hire


web site

This incredible fully secure car rental site was developed by 4 other student developers including myself. We had only a few weeks to implement this site from scratch, implement a payment gateway which valid all payment details as well as meeting the client deadline. The site had to enable customers to find their ideal car in seconds and making full payment and all this had to be less than 2-3 minutes. The main goal was to save the customer time because we know time is valuable.

My role was to write the booking script, script for available cars as well as the script for the page which displays all cars. One of the most important part of the project was to make sure we have a way to prevent cross booking, what this mean is if two or more customers was to try and book the same car at the same time and only one type of that car was available we will then be able to provide the car to the first customer which complete the booking and then prove alternatives to the others.

The site is aimed at customers in Leeds and had various pick up and drop off points located around the city. Car owners could register their cars to be rent out and will be responsible of dropping and picking up their cars.

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the tribe website image

The Tribe


web site

This website was designed and implemented from scratch in only a few days. It was a quick project which is secure with admin control panel function, as well as paypal payment system. 98% of the time was spent writing all the classes and functions, which make this site a unique site.

This site enables users to register, look through all the cultural clothes from different African countries and purchase. Customer can also make bookings to any of the shows or model auditions.

Tribal instinct is a Leeds university society, which aims to fundraise money for poor families in east Africa through fashion shows and other events.

door step sandwich website image

Door Step Sandwiches


web site

This is a website I submitted for my first year university group project. The aim was to produce a fully working e-commerce site and the project was our first introduction to PHP. I was part of the development team and my role was manyly to implement the functionaily of step 2 when the user adds and item to cart. This project helped me found my passion into web development as I learn core skills of php as well as paypal payment gateway.

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